The BCV Method

At Barton Coe Vilamaa, we know that each school, and each community, is unique. That’s why our process isn’t about what we do, it’s about who we do it for. And that’s what makes our approach so simple—it’s centered around you.

From discovery to realization, we take every step together. We collaborate with district administrators, advisors, boards, teachers, and communities to tailor our approach and develop a rigorous plan that gives students the spaces they need to learn, grow, and dream.


Our first phase is all about listening. Here, we’re the students—learning about our clients and their communities, from our clients and their communities. We engage with all key stakeholders and study any existing spaces. We take time to learn how they’re used now, and uncover your plans for them in the future, too.

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Dream & Plan

The input and research we gather from phase one sparks ideas for phase two—where you continue to collaborate with our team to dream up creative solutions that fulfill your needs. We create multiple solutions for you to choose from and craft a plan that includes a budget, scope, and timeline, so we make sure it’s feasible, maintainable, and sustainable.

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Design & Manage

With a selected concept and scope, we work with you hand-in-hand to bring your spaces to life through thorough, thoughtful design and construction administration. Whatever your experience level is, we’re your turnkey partner—asking the right questions; meeting often; and providing detailed updates, continual design options, and ongoing on-site support.

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Assess & Maintain

When it seems our work is complete—we’re still not done. We assess our challenges and successes, continuing to help our clients measure and plan for the future. Then we partner for the long-run, supporting you through long-term maintenance planning, renovations, and additions.

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Want to hear more about our process?
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“If you choose BCV for your project(s), I feel confident you will have a pleasant working relationship and will end up with beautiful spaces where people will want to gather.”

Dr. Steven Hope, Superintendent Goshen Community Schools
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Environmental Credentials

Environmentally-Conscious Planning & Design

We prioritize energy-conscious planning and design, building cost-savings directly into their spaces. Our team includes certified energy managers and LEED certified architects.