Akron Elementary School

Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation
  • 74,175 sq. ft. Building for PreK-5
  • New Open Centrally Located Cafeteria
  • New Gymnasium
  • Classrooms featuring touch screen technology
  • Large group instruction room

Project consisted of demolition of the majority of the existing school, renovation of 28,000 square feet, and construction of a 57,895 square foot new addition.  

Construction was phased to allow the school to continue while the new building was constructed and the existing building was renovated. 

The project included a new, open central cafeteria, break out spaces in corridors, new offices, new gymnasium, and classrooms featuring touch screen technology.  There is also a large group instruction room that doubles as a stage between the cafeteria and gymnasium. The project included a room that features two operable walls with technology that can support a wide variety of events on either side of the stage. 

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